UNICEF wishes to invite you to submit a proposal for: provision of digital services for awareness raising and fundraising campaigns 2019-2020


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UNICEF nu solicita niciun fel de taxe, în nicio etapă a procesului de recrutare (de exemplu pentru depunerea aplicației, interviu, întâlnire, deplasare, prelucrarea dosarului, formare etc).

The impact of digital communication is very influential in scale and speed.

It is highly important for UNICEF to promote its activities online and to have an integrated, consistent and coherent online presence, promoting the global and national objectives: be the leading voice for children, reach and engage people to defend child rights.

A major priority for fundraising is to increase the number of monthly donors as a base for sustainable income for programmes.

The Contractor is expected to technically support UNICEF in Romania for its online presence in terms of awareness raising and fundraising activities and develop additional functionalities of UNICEF digital assets.

Application deadline:  March 22, 2019.