UNICEF is looking for companies to support Face-to-Face (F2F) team management and the F2F donor acquisition campaign


Atenţie la ofertele de muncă frauduloase!
UNICEF nu solicita niciun fel de taxe, în nicio etapă a procesului de recrutare (de exemplu pentru depunerea aplicației, interviu, întâlnire, deplasare, prelucrarea dosarului, formare etc).

Since 2014, the F2F donor acquisition campaign has been carried out in-house, using direct debit as a payment method for pledge donations. The only services externalized to an agency are payroll and labour contract management services.

To increase the number of new donors, we are considering to roll out an outsourced donor acquisition campaign during various events (concerts, festivals etc.) in Bucharest and around the country, in the same time with the current in-house campaign.

Estimated start date: 1st of September 2018