UNICEF in Romania wishes to invite you to submit a proposal for Summative evaluation of the Quality Inclusive Education package of the “Social inclusion through the provision of integrated social services at community level” project


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UNICEF is implementing in a large partnership with institutions and organizations at national, county and community level a model of “Social inclusion through the provision of integrated social services at community level”. The model is being implemented since November 2014 in 45 communities and in 51 schools from these communities in Bacău county, in 34 rural and 11 urban communities.

The model consists of two components that aim to be complementary and inter-linked:

(1) the Minimum Package of Social Services (MPS) and

(2) the Quality Inclusive Education (QIE) package.

As part of the two initiatives the model also promotes communication for social change and gives attention to issues and vulnerabilities related to adolescents. The main objective of the initiative is to promote social inclusion and contribute to the reduction of multiple deprivations faced by children and their families in an integrated manner.

The model is based on the hypothesis that by delivering a universal and integrated package of preventive social services at community level (health, education, and child and social protection) to children and their families, equity gaps and child deprivations are being reduced while at the same time lowering medium- and long-term costs in social sectors.

In line with the planned duration of the different model components this document sets out the process to evaluate the QIE component of the model (ending in June 2019).