RFP to find a team/company to evaluate the results of a Motivational Interviewing Intervention with healthcare workers aiming at positively affecting the immunization rate in Romania


Evaluation Purpose, scope and purpose

The evaluation will serve to assess if the assumptions underlying and objectives formulated for the implementation of Interpersonal Communication (IPC) and motivational interviewing (MI) with healthcare workers were validated and achieved as well as to ascertain whether they positively affect immunization coverage in Romania.

The evaluation will cover the period September 2019 – December 2020. The focus will be on the localities from the intervention counties.


UNICEF in Romania, in partnership with US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, will design, implement, and evaluate a motivational interviewing-based (MI) intervention to increase timely immunization uptake among children in selected counties and localities in Romania. The intervention will teach hospital, primary and community-based health care workers how to initiate and maintain conversations with new mothers about vaccination and will teach community-based mobilizers how to approach caregivers who defaulted on childhood vaccination visits. The goal of these conversations will be to deliver information about vaccines, probe for vaccine hesitancy, address concerns, and establish a personal relationship with the caregiver. This will be achieved by the adaptation and implementation of the UNICEF Interpersonal Communication Training Package for Immunization as well as additional motivational interviewing techniques and tools.

The objectives of the improving IPC competencies of health workers and of motivational interviewing intervention are to:

1. Primary: a. Achieve an increase in coverage of immunizations and reduction in delays and missed vaccinations given in a child’s first year of life in selected intervention catchment areas.

2. Secondary: a. Among caregivers: increase the quality and effectiveness of interpersonal communication about vaccinations with health workers.

b. Among HCWs and community-based mobilizers: improve interpersonal communication and counseling skills about vaccinations with caregivers.

Deadline for applications – 30 August 2019, 15:00.